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Previous site designs are also available, for the nostalgically inclined.


Journal Archives by Category:

apple, mac, and cupertino
News, tips, rumour-mongering, and other geek lust about everyone's favourite fruit.

BeatnikPad Radio
Lovingly hand-crafted mixes for your listening pleasure.

bookish fascination
Literary delights and other wonders of the printed word.

daddy lore

geek love
Geek lore, computer nerdity, Web building, and other Futurama.

guest post

it's all about me

it's art, silly
In pursuit of the finer things in life (aka "Let's Get Pretentious").

life on the prairies
Scenes from the Western world.

short movies of the beautiful and the strange found in the minutiae.

The weird, the strange, the unusual, the bizarre, the banal... take your pick.

moving story
Relocating since 1988.

Optimized builds, commentary, and other effluvia.

news of the world
Current affairs, but without Maury Povich.

personal favorites
Entries that I think kind of work, in some strange, Rube Goldberg way...

Bring me the head of the photographer...

site news
As the name says. News about the thing you're presently soaking in.

that tangled Web
Linkage, interesting Web sites, and anything involving the Web.

the boob tube
Couch potatoism at its finest. Work that butt groove!

this is pop
Music lovers of the world, take over.

toronto the good
Moments from a life lived amongst accountants and financiers.

weekly roundup
A half-hearted attempt to get into habitual posting about cool stuff. I may resurrect this... but probably not.

what price, hollywood?
Silver halides flickering in the darkness: I lost it at the movies.

working wounded
Take this job and shove it.

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Bagatelle Archives

Retired Sites

The BeatnikPad is constantly changing. That's more due to my incessantly anal, fickle tweaking that I constant subject the site to than any ambitious redesign schedule.

That said, this wasn't always what you saw when you came here. Previous iterations of the site are archived below.

The original, three-column layout.

Second iteration: The Grey Lady

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