G5-optimized Firefox 1.0.6 released

Welcome, Macworld readers! Due to the lag time between article writing and publishing, the Macworld link is an old one. Follow this link to get the most recent G5-optimized Firefox version.

Looking for the G5-optimized nightly builds of Firefox? Head on over this way.

firefoxWell golly, it’s another Firefox release. I’ll try to keep this brief - here’s the changelog for this release:

  • Restore API compatibility for extensions and web applications that did not work in Firefox 1.0.5.

This was built on Mac OS X 10.4.2 using XCode 2.1 and has not been tested on Mac OS X 10.3 but should work just fine. Mac OS X 10.2 is not supported. This is not an official build, your mileage may vary, there are no guarantees in life, etc., etc..

As always, please post any observations or major issues that you cannot reproduce using the official release in the comments.

Download the G5-optimized Firefox 1.0.6 release (disabled) A newer version than this is now available

I have created a special BeatnikPad Mozilla / Firefox feed for those of you who are interested in just Firefox and other Mozilla-related updates. See how much I care?

For those of you who want the full BeatnikPad feed (which includes Firefox updates) you can use this feed instead. Enjoy!

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