Cool musicians who blog

I thought it would be cool to start compiling links to musicians I enjoy who run their own weblogs, so let’s at ‘er. When I talk about cool, I guess I’m talking about cool as it pertains to me (who else?), and when I talk about weblog, I’m talking something fairly frequently updated by the artist themselves. If you know of a musician I’ve missed, please let me know.

Clarification: If I can find the artist listed on (which uses the All Music Guide data in a site that doesn’t suck ass), Metacritic, or Pitchfork, it gets added to the list. Not a very good (or fair) definition of “cool”, but I gotta have some kind of criterion.

Follow the jump for a rather massive list.

(still more editing) Pulling more of the links in the comments up:

Thanks to Kottke and Andy Baio for getting the word out.

I’ll keep updating this post with more as I receive or find them. There are a few more in the comments that I couldn’t find a listing for on and didn’t add to the entry. Sorry, folks, but if I opened this up to absolutely any musician we’d be here all year.

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