G4-optimized Firefox 1.5 released

Firefox G4For those of you with G4 processors and feeling left out of the G5-optimized Firefox build goodliness, I now have a G4-optimized Firefox 1.5 build just for you.

If you’re not sure what kind of processor you have in your mac (and really, who keeps track of these things? Well, besides me, that is), chances are if you bought your mac in mid- to late 2001 or later you’re golden. To confirm for sure, check out this handy guide. If your processor is a G4 and the version number is 7450 or higher, you can run this build.

(Edited: As far as I know these builds will work as expected with nearly any G4 processor. Only the earliest processors (the first run of G4-enabled PowerBooks and PowerMacs, I think) may not work. But give it a try anyway as I haven’t heard of any issues yet.)

(Note: If you’re using a machine with a G5 processor, you’ll want to check out the G5-optimized Firefox build instead.)

Download link removed - there is a newer release available

As usual, this build comes with a slightly different icon and Philippe Wittenberg’s “pretty” form widgets. To answer the #1 question I keep receiving about this builds: the reason the application is called “DeerPark” and the icon is different than the official Firefox release is because both the Firefox name and icon are restricted to just official releases.

If you’re looking for Firefox 1.5-compatible extensions, I have a small list of extensions that I’ve tweaked to work with the new release.


Update (Dec. 4th, 1:30 EST): I just built a new version of Firefox 1.5 with support for <canvas> as requested by quite a few people. I’m not doing requests here, but this should have been turned on when I originally ran the build, but I forgot. If you pull down a new copy from the link above you’ll get the new version.

In case you didn’t know about it, there’s also an RSS feed specifically for Mozilla / Firefox posts that includes these builds, in case you wanted to know when new builds and such are posted.

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