An Introduction.


Me in 30 words or less.

My full name is Neil Bruce Lee. I was named after astronaut Neil Armstrong, and I’m a “Centennial Citizen”, meaning I was born in the centenary year of Winnipeg, Manitoba: 1970. I’m a Metal Dog, and an Aries, though I don’t believe that stuff for a second.

Ways I wasted time I could have used creating a better world.

Currently employed (thank Christ) as an web / new media instructor, filling the minds of tomorrow’s leaders a web design and development “consultant” (whatever that means). I have often been a Web designer for many a Kafkaesque, faceless corporation, but fortune shone down on me.

At one time or another I’ve also pretended to be a writer, ditch digger, chicken-killing machine maker, pornographic photo printer, fertilizer pourer, hardwood floor buffer, snow spreader, buffet attendant, cleaner of filthy washrooms and dispenser of urinal pucks, bookseller, wannabe film technician, pizza maker, ditch pig, prep cook, unemployed asshole, welfare hack, wiper of bums, screw counter, semi-professional skateboarder, travelling musician, and “Movie Village Guy”. I really hate that last one.

What can I find here at the BeatnikPad?

Glad you asked. There’s basically three major sections of this site:

  1. The Journal: Call it a diary, call it consistantly updated verbiage - heck, call it a weblog - just don’t call it a blog. It’s that, too: I just can’t stand the sound of that word. It sounds like the sound cats make when they throw up hairballs. Here you’ll find musings on a variety of topics: the Web, music, life on the praries, and, of course, me. Check the archives page for more categories.
  2. The Photos: Vacation shots, iPhoto-created slide show movies, and other visual evidence.
  3. The Writing: A place for short fictional work, various articles I’ve written, and a bunch of movie reviews from the two year period I was a part-time movie critic. Some of it is crap, some of it not-so-crap, and some is almost readable. Your mileage may vary.

There’s also this page, and the web love page, which houses links to graphic design and online poster sites, as well as linkage to other personal sites I like, and stuff I find inspiring. And that’s that.

How was this site put together?

Text was wrangled using BBEdit, Movable Type, and the one-two of PHP and MySQL. Pixels were pushed using Adobe Photoshop (of course) and Illustrator. All was assembled on a oh-so-geek-chic Apple PowerBook G4. Inspiration was provided by the furry Raj and Emma, the sweetie Renée, rawk, and a cast of thousands.

Can I use your stylesheets and code?

No, though I might be cajoled into helping you with a design problem if you like. Avoid rampant weiner-dom and don’t steal the design. I’ll be forced to pummel you over the head with a ripe tuna and ridicule you mercilessly.

Can you link to my site?


Where does the name BeatnikPad come from?

Dick Miller!The main inspiration for the beatnikpad moniker comes from a 1959 Roger Corman movie called Bucket of Blood, starring one of the unsung heroes of film, Dick Miller. The story revolves around a mild-manner (some would say, “slow”) bus boy, Walter Paisley, who wants to fit in with some rather pretentious beatniks. Some friends, roommates and I put on a version of this for the Winnipeg Fringe Festival, someone started calling our apartment the beatnikpad, and the rest is history. Go rent Bucket of Blood. You’ll thank me later.

Did the BeatnikPad ever have a different design?

Why, yes.

Something I read on your site offended me!

Well, that’s just jim-dandy. Don’t forget that anything you read on this site is my opinion alone, and doesn’t represent the opinions or values of my parents, my long-lost best friend from Grade 5, anyone I’ve ever slept with or shared personal secrets with, my present (or past) employer, my cats, the members of the 1986 Winnipeg Blue Bombers, or anyone I may have forgotten.

In other words, if you don’t like something you read or see here, tell me straight; don’t be assumin’ anything silly.

What else?

More as I think of it / when the inclination strikes me.

Got a question you want answered about this site? Heck, got a question of any kind? Simply drop me an line. You never know what I might be willing to answer…

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