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articles (sympatico)

Probably the most money I ever made for writing (amongst other things) was the year I spent at Sympatico. Someone higher up had decided that they didn’t want the company to just be a gatherer of content; they wanted to create content, too. So they hired a few folks, moved a few folks around, brought in this hot-shot journalist, and we set out to create “compelling content”.

Like all things relating to Web writing and big business, it didn’t last long. In the meantime, I got a crash course in how to write and edit articles for the Web. I would have to say that it was a good learning experience.

Entries in this category:
» Dean Kamen Profile
» What is IT?
» Snatch [Review]
» Genies grant Quebec's Wish
» You Can Count on Me [Review]
» Canadians get their chance in the Hot Seat
» Technology Stocks Fall into Fall
» The PC Industry: the times, they are a-changin'
» Getting smarter online
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» Hollywood hears a Hoo!
» Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon [Review]
» Beginner's guide to the CRTC
» B.C. Wage increase raises blood pressure

movie reviews and beyond

My very public education in writing really began in the late 90’s, when I took on a job writing movie reviews and other entertainment bumpf for a local weekly rag. Some of these are cringe-worthy, but here’s the, er, “fruits” of my labour from that period.

Entries in this category:
» The Edge
» Trainspotting
» U-Turn
» The Arrival
» Shine (1997)
» Ransom
» Men in Black (1997)
» Masterminds (1997)
» Donnie Brasco (1997)
» Daylight (1996)
» Con Air (1997)
» Bound (1996)
» Boogie Nights (1997)
» Air Force One (1997)
» In and Out (1997)
» Lost Highway
» Looking for Richard
» Live Bait (1997)
» L.A. Confidential (1998)
» Jean-Claude Lauzon
» I am Cuba (1997)
» Hard Core Logo (1997)
» Gray's Anatomy (1997) / Arthur Lipsett
» Female Perversions (1997)
» Face/Off
» Everyone Says I Love You
» The English Patient (1996)

short fiction

Every once in a while, I get an itch that requires attention, usually after I read some short format fiction that knocks my socks off. It’s kind of like seeing a really, really good band play live; you want to do something to get closer to that experience and somehow make it more yours.

Some writers that have made me itchy: Kevin Fanning · Leslie Harpold · Joshua Allen · Raymond Carver · Paul Ford · and more…

Entries in this category:
» Letter to an Old Friend

site news

Little notices from the mothership on this section of the BeatnikPad.

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» Musing

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